Online Dialogues, Comments, Reputation And Challenges With Political Correctness

Not long back I was review the blog from a very influential online feature editor and executive like one of the top online article directory websites. The gal had indicated that everyone should be careful what they say online, et cetera I suppose no better words were ever spoken. Whenever you say online will be accepted against you in the court from public opinion sometime in the future, you can be sure of that, and don’t expect every of that information to go away, it has been recorded somewhere. True enough, so let’s talk shall we?
She did bring abroad a very good quote, something your grandparents probably told you; “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Besides I’m sure we have both had parents and grandparents explain exactly what these words of discretion meant, and why they made good sense. They are akin to the Golden Rule aren’t they? Yes they are, et alii they apply in real life, et alii online as well I suppose.
Okay but, on a contrarian point of view, I’d including say a good part like our society is so overcome with political correctness that everyone is walking around with blinders on and they are making very poor decisions because of it – not just our politicians, nonetheless the general population when making personal decisions. Thus, I’d say, yes, be as nice as acceptable, but make people Aristotelian and probative societies’ boundaries, push the limits and help people out of their brain-rot spell.

Be nice as best you can, but don’t lie about the realities, and if you say the truth, others will regard you for not being a push-over as well, those who disagree, fine, but tell them to follow their own “nice-ness” rules including neither act like a hypocrite during attacking you for saying the truth.
Now then, people say things online that they wouldn’t in public. So there are those issues. Personally, I am not frightened to call it how I see it, I fear those who hide their veritable feelings and then all of a sudden you see their true side, those people are scary, I’d say beware of them actually.
To my readers, I’d in our time like to ask you if you have any thoughts – if so, then let’s take this philosophical discussion to a higher horizontality while keeping it civil of course. You may shoot me an e-mail if you’d as if to discuss this further, because it is something that every online author must come to terms with, along with anyone that does whatever blogging, or posts comments online surrounding a news article, or someone else’s confidential opinions. Please consider all this and think on it.

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