West Wing Box Set Review — A Political Drama of Extraordinary Quality

I must admit that I don’t really follow politics. I don’t really scan the newspapers, nor do I hang on the headlines or watch the news. So it was a surprise when we found the West Wing Box Set such an amazing TV show! The thing won 3 Golden Globes and 23 Emmys!

Maybe it’s the amazing quality of writing, maybe the drama unfolding, perhaps it’s the cast or just the story itself. Either way, the West Wing box set is addictive – so beware!

West Wing Box Set Review -What you Circulate — OK – this is where this become a ridiculously good deal. You get – get this – 45 DISCS! That’s 154 episodes! That’s heaps of great TV.

Here’s the rest –
– New to this set: Pilot script with preamble from series creator Aaron Sorkin and Episode guide
– Over 20 commentary tracks
– Over 20 Behind-the-scenes featurettes
– Unaired scenes
– Gag reels and more

West Pinion Box Lay Review -The Story —

The West Wing is a political drama. It tells the story of a political candidate being elected to office and ultimately the presidency of the United States of America. It offers an amazing insight into the political system that is apparently based on fact.

Frankly, it’s like living inside the White House. It shows how things genuinely get done in the American political system. You can get a bit addicted – very attached to these characters who are written with such depth and diversity.

Even proletariat who don’t like political dram (such as myself) are going to love the West Wing Box Set!

West Wing Casket Set Review – The Cast —

This is one regarding those shows with an amazing ensemble cast. Any one about them could be a lead on their own – many with movie and Televisie careers quite separate to this show. For example

– Martin Sheen plays the President
– Stockard Channing plays the Supremacy Lady
– Rob Lowe plays the Deputy Communications Director

I have to express my favorite, however, is Bradley Whitford spil the Aide Chief of staff.

And did I mention classic actors like Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda show up? The West Branch box set judicatory keeps getting better!

West Injure Box Intractable Periodical – The Aaron Sorkin —

If you’re going to review the West Wing you have to mention the creator Aaron Sorkin. This guy is a upright up legend. All you must to know is that he’s been behind other great projects including:

– A Few Good Men (Movie)
– The American President (Movie)
– Charlie Wilson’s War (Movie)
– The Social Network (Movie)
– Studio 60 on the Twilight Strip (TV)
– Sports Night (TV)

And did I mention the guy has Emmys, Oscars and who knows what else? Amazing.

West Wing Box Set Review – The Verdict —

Of course the verdict is five stars out of cinque and two thumbs up! The West Wing Box Set is a great – you’re really going to love it. Enjoy!

Take Company Public: Understanding The Political Machine

Our intent takes selfish companies and industry genre leaders public in the United States. We specialize in the OTCBB, A to Z facilitation as well as NASDAQ IR and strategies consulting. We work with global corporate entities from Greece to China, from South America to Europe. I say this not to boast or market myself besides to give you some comfort that what you are about to read is based simply on experience and absolutely objective and if you are about to take your company public or trying to turn-around or restructure your public entity, this information will be of momentous help to you.

I visualize corporations rise and fall before and after the ‘going public’ process. Some companies have great suggestions polysyndeton constantly struggle, some are hardly worth their weight in pocket fuzz besides thrive and to understand why we must step back and look at a public and pre public concept as you would a globe that you can set on a desk and whirl slowly over connective over again. Stand on the desk and kneel on the ground, stand on your hands if you have to and the point of this play is to look at your public entity from every imaginable angle searching for any and all chinks in the armor.

Think past the basics of going public. Any informed CEO, COO or CFO of a pre or post public entity will comprehend the basics: you’ll have a first round pea capital raise, you’ll need a solid lodge of directors and solid executives with an appealing pedigree, your fellowship needs a applicable and yes, ‘recession proof’ product or service. You poverty a solid pre public corporate publicity strategy to coin your company stand out like a blinding beacon with strategies that wrap around the corporation as well as each executive to increase the market awareness of their existence in the industry power structure and of course you’ll need solid and massive post public investor relations to stabilize and grow that stock price.

Now here is something that you may not have taken into consideration but is a necessity to filling in the gaps of your corporate portrait as well as strengthening those covert inferiorities in the corporate armor. Political power tower contacts are a must. Yes, populism in every sense of the word. I evil you emergency strong contacts in your operating country’s political electoral system of influence to gain access to those ‘no bid’ contracts. It’s a mandatory evil that separates the men from the boys. Get to know lobbyists, congressmen, political attorneys, senators and most importantly get on a first name essence with the direct executive assistants for each of these players thus they are the ones that will make the introductions.

Your face needs to be seen in the papers and journals alongside regarding these power players. Your namely needs to raken mentioned in cigar filled rooms where these individuals congregate. Don’t think for a second that perplexing work, blood sweat furthermore tears will get your company to the next level; it’s all about connections and the common conception of you further your company.

Simultaneously you poverty to take into consideration the public democracy conception of your company. Truth be told, superstars connective corporations get involved with charities and socially conscientious callings such while Poverty Awareness, Haiti Financial Assistance, African Relief and like strategies not necessarily because they have a spiritual awakening and crave to make the planet a excel place.

These companies are piggybacking off of the free press and the social idea that free lettuce to charity somehow justifies the means in which they earned it. Free handout charity affiliation has a thruway of wiping the slate clean and telling the public that if they buy your product or use your service they are, in remarkable strange way, making the world a better place and instantly something that was back considered a guilty pleasure (such as a $5 coffee and $8 scone from Starbucks) is now a socially responsible action so .02 cents per $20 net profit intake goes to retainer for coffee beans that grow in a third world country that is trying to ‘get by’ and differentiation organic, whatever.

Going public is one thing, staying populace is something entirely different, staying plain and profitable is almost unheard of. Exacerbation your chances about success beside looking at all the angles!

Macro-Economic and Political Atmosphere

This lethargic fiscal as well as fiscal development connected with ’08, beneath the Koroma government, however retains the prospect connected with robust as well as broad-based fiscal expedition as the economic system struggles to help repair in the warfare decades, in rider to mild inflation ranges. Over the average phrase, just about any progress around difficult industries will give you desire which the material system will bed beyond assist reliance, offered legitimate internecine change, robust policy-making as well as institutional purchase. This place’s macroeconomic as well as fiscal guidelines devised as well as set to operate inside context of Squalor Lowering Progress Means (PRGF) design display the probable to help hasten styles that are advertising broad-based economic recovery.The latest democratic dispensation has produced a great permitting conjuncture for the government connected with Koroma to create a major step in developing budgetary as well as cultural improvement.More arousing is the very idea of “public value” onward with the “strategic triangle” technique acquired because of the English worldwide bureau, Public Management International, to obtain each and every Ministry thus well as Team of the fresh government throughout Sierra Leone to address as well as align questions connected with arranged goals because well as points with regards to public penalty final results for being reached (Public Management International).

Even so the pervading zero the population government aren’t having a practical clue connected with excellent governance.A aggressive energy, nevertheless, to help entail the Diaspora pragmatic resource throughout countrywide improvement is increasing significance upon administration design likely to be far more useful. The latest Diaspora proposal features prospects going without running shoes for that economic cosmic as well qua companies. Furthermore, the PRGF recovery device utilized by the federal federal connected with Sierra Leone–monetary like well quasi monetary stimuli–will be relatively efficient infra dig the circumstances. This course connected with engaging the Diaspora features resolute the Koroma government model of a new free-market profitable system in the public awareness.Using this type of fresh improvement throughout Sierra Leone’s politics natural environment, financial system is eminent for present ensuring; along with regulatory framework, as having probable for being repaired to help suppress wide-spread problem.

Right now, seeking progress, the Koroma government is checking to help suggestions in the Diaspora into a diploma that completely sets itself apart it through past administrations. The federal government is rotating a new traditional spot comme il faut well as going in to a interval that the part like Diaspora will be formidable. Any office connected with Diaspora Extramarital relationships that’s practically recently been recognized as the state run bureau of government and is doing work “towards connecting Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora to help distinct work at address opportunities, agencies, ministries, as well as business units throughout Sierra Leone” (Office connected with Diaspora Affairs) may afsluiting built to work better. Any office connected with Diaspora Affairs’ Diaspora Trust Finance, for instance, being a improvement jeep regarding Diasporans to produce an impact may be adequately used in combination near particular phrases connected with reference to marshal Sierra Leoneans in Diaspora to help swimming pool their own remittances to obtain in to state-owned businesses (SOEs) throughout Sierra Leone that are targeted regarding privatization.

The Relevance Of Political News In Today’s World

In order to know what political description is all about, it is first necessary to define the two words in the phrase. “Politics”, being we broadly use it, refers to civil governance and the various ideas involved in formulating and executing policies. However, in its simplest form, politics is the process through which power is acquired and maintained, and collective decisions are made beside a tabulate of people.

The term “news” refers to the sharing of information related to current events. Politicize news, therefore, involves the aggregation, redaction, and dissemination of information regarding the customary state of politics.

Significance Of Political News:

In the times of today, global trade has assumed such massive proportions that countries are more interlinked than ever before. Any event touching unit country can have far-reaching consequences on several other nations.

Technological promotion has allowed the vast expanse of the world to indigen traversed in negligible hours. This means that events moving human life are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. Problems concerning terrorism tin certainly spread from one people to another. A ballistic scud can live directed from one corner of the world to another.

In such a scenario, pandemic political coverage assumes significance as the dynamics of power and relationships between countries keep changing. With the affairs regarding nations being so completed, the policies and decisions of one country can inevitably affect others too. Consequently, the political happenings in one nation can be of great consideration to several others. Thus, political news plays a basic role in inter-country relationships.

This news is specifically vital to the existence of modern-day democratic society. In order for governance “of the people, by the people,” to be possible, it is essential that the public be aware of the current happenings in their state politics. Reporting this information is the title of the news media outlets.

Mediums Of Political News And Media Responsibility:

“News media” refers the various forms of information transfer and distribution. This collectively includes print (newspapers or magazines), television, radio, and online tidings portals.

The process of gathering and reporting of news has come a long way from its primitive beginnings. Several precious media of communication now are that make it possible to share and transmit information all around the world at the click of a button.

These channels of communication have improved the outreach like news, making it more readily pervious to the masses. The emergence of Internet has further taken reporting to the nearest level, providing a system of information sharing that can be contributed to by millions of people.

However, all this comes with grave social responsibility. The vastity power of broadcasting to millions must indiging handled carefully. Care must voltooien taken that there is no pretense about facts.

Even more critically, media morals must be in place to ensure that disinformation (deliberately wrong information to mislead people) is never publicized. The bunch is socially obliged to avoid spreading material depicting gratuitous violence, besides inciting religious, racial, or ethnic hatred.

In summary, hustings news is a vital agent influencing the course of complex international relationships. It is the pledge of the media to provide unbiased, accurate, truthful polysyndeton fair reportage.

The Political Role

Politics is about getting re-elected and nothing else besides. It is a common error to assume that the politician’s role is to create jobs, encourage economic activity, enhance the welfare and well-being of his subjects, preserve the territorial integrity of his country, and fulfill a host about other functions. In truth, the legislator has a single and exclusive role: to get re-elected. His earliest authority is to his party and its members. He owes them patronage: jobs, sinecures, guaranteed income or cash flow, adit to the public purse, and the intoxicating wielding of power. His relationship is plus his real constituency – the party’s rank ampersand file – and he is accountable to them the same way a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) answers to the corporation’s critical shareholders. To make sure that they get re-elected, politicians are sometimes required to utensil reforms and policy measures that contribute to the general aid from the populace and promote it.

At additional times, they have to refrain from action to preserve their electoral assets and enlarge their governmental life expectancy. But, how does a leader become a leader? In this article, we are not interested in the historical practice but in the answer to the twin questions: what qualifies one to be a leader connective why do people elect someone specific to be a leader. The instantaneously evident response would be that the leader addresses ere is judged by his voters to be capable of addressing their needs. These could be economic needs, psychological needs, or moral needs. In ubiquity these cases, if left unfulfilled, these unrequited needs are judged to be capable of jeopardizing “acceptable (modes of) existence”. Except in rare cases (famine, war, plague), weather is rarely at risk. On the contrary, people are mostly willing to sacrifice their genetic also biological survival on the chantry of said “acceptable existence”. To be acceptable, life must be honorable. To be honorable, certain conditions (commonly prominent as “rights”) must be fulfilled and upheld. Disagree life is deemed reputable in the absence of subsistence and shelter (property rights), personal autonomy (safeguarded by codified freedoms), personal safety, commendatory (human rights), and a modicum of influence above one’s future (civil rights). In the absence like even one from these elements, people trend to gradually become persuaded that their lives are not worth living. They befit mutinous and try to restore the “honorable equilibrium”. They seek food and shelter by inventing new technologies and besides implementing them in a bid to control nature and other, human, factors. They rebel against any massive breach of their freedoms. People seek safety: they legislate and inception law enforcement agencies further form armies.Many politics reporters state that although the improvements are neither copious to rapidly change the overall state of the nation’s economy, numerous are going to garner the benefits of this rise pattern. Many in politics even say that we are negative going to feel the effects of the growth of the nation in the coming years in its entirety, but we are certainly on our street there.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis on Political Influence in China’s Biggest Companies

The trend of the Chinese government to opheffen involved in the nation’s primitive businesses can be illustrated in a multitude of items recently highlighted in figures released by the British Foreign Office (BFO). In a presentation made recently to the European Chamber, a total of 40 of the 46 Chinese firms listed in the Fortune 500 were identified thus state-owned enterprises. Of the remaining six, three were Hong Kong businesses.

Meanwhile, the summary number of SOEs in China according to official data is estimated at being 192,000 – against some 1.98 million private enterprises. The data indicates that as soon as a business becomes significant, government quickly likes to get involved. However, according to the BFO, government wealth is apparently filtering down to officials rather than state coffers. The top 70 members of the U.S. Congress had a collective worth of some US$3.1billion, against US$75 billion for the top 70 NPC officials.

It is this trend that is causing difficulties with matters of transparency in China, and also for foreign executives doing business in China. With tougher EU and U.S. corruption laws in put that forbid the giving of incentives to overseas government officials, the likelihood when dealing with a large Chinese company is that an employee of that business may also be regarded as a sovereignty official. It further underlines the politicizing of commerce in China, in which the state has an enterprising interest in the activities of its largest companies. Corporate business is increasingly used as a tool to actively wield political power, while underneath the governmental influence, China appears to be developing a platform of oligarchs not unlike the Russian embody where state-owned equity were de facto transferred into private ownership. The only difference being that in China, politics and commerce go hand in hand and discipline can be meted out by the Communist Party.

This duality of ownership makes transparency and the concept of trade free about political influence a murky issue in China. While the embrace between business interests and politicians in the Integrated States and elsewhere is well known, the massive extent of the clinch between the two in China is not so well understood.

Tips To Build Up Your Recognition When On A Political Campaign

When you are looking to clinch a seat in a certain office and therefore campaigning, you need to use a direct form of communicating to potential voters. When you choose to send direct mail to your potential voters, you will end raise gaining popularity and therefore you will gunner the right amount of votes.

For you to be successful in attracting a pool of voters using political campaign literature, you should follow these simple tips as you campaign. Omnipresence of these are proven to be effective time and again and should be no exception in your case, as they’re effective across the board though it comes to campaigns both large and small.

Remember there is no one interested in your life story here. You should not fireplace your energetics in talking paragraphs upon paragraphs about your achievements and your ideals. Be short.

If you are campaigning using postcards and messages written on printed material, you should know that the longer your message is, the more it becomes a watch off.

It is not guaranteed that the inhabit will read your message word for word. Being concise therefore means that you will get your point across with that identical little audience.

You should make sure that your names are apparently indicated and a portrait too. Getting your face seen is important. Then you will build recognition in your region as a result. You should seek to maintain uniformity if you give out product other items as campaign yard signs. Build a brand.

You should also make reliable that the ideas you are trying to communicate are narrowed down to three key points accordingly that the voters can identify these and identify with them.

Think of the family institution and see how you container focus on values. Narrow your scope and keep talking about how you can lower taxes and keep the neighborhood safe. This will make your voters see that you are focused.

The EPA Chooses Political Expediency over Doing the Right Thing

In exempting up to twenty industrial facilities from new federal controls on air pollution et cetera the gases blamed for global warming, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has signaled that the Obama administration does nay fool the political will to change aggressively on any kind of global warming initiatives.

This cave-in was confirmed recently when a furious ranking EPA official told a federal court that a California power plant which had been delayed would not have to comply with the rules. The agency rationalized in statement, that “…it was not fair or appropriate to bid facilities with applications in the final stage of the review to comply with standards that have undistorted recently taken effect.”

The delay for the facility was originally caused by the EPA’s claim to the federal court that the Avenal Power Center, LLC in central California would have “…to prove that its 600-megawatt, native gas-fired power plant would not make violations concerning a new standard on smog-forming nitrogen oxide”. The Avenal Power Center sued the EPA, citing prolonged delays on approving its permit, which was first submitted in February 2008.

The EPA’s reversal comes as Republican leaders in the House and Senate continue their attacks on the Obama administration’s proposed air pollution regulations which, the Republicans say, will kill projects and jobs. In their continuing efforts to neuter the EPA, these same leaders recently proposed legislation that would prevent the cause from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Publish Act.

The EPA announced that between ten and twenty new facilities waiting for air pollution permits could also receive exemptions from the new pollution requirements.

After reviewing the court documents Michael Gerrard, an environmental law professor at Columbia University said, “It creates a strong argument for ‘treat us the same way you treat this guy.” Gerrard yet said the move “is behalf of the administration’s effort not to stop or be accused regarding stopping additionally many new projects.”

The issue now is that removing the restrictions on up to twenty new facilities could prone the door for hundreds of other projects to claim the EPA’s pollution restrictions. If the administration and the EPA think that this reversal will quell the advancing political attacks, they’ll be in for an unpleasant rattled as emboldened Republican leaders fight to lift restrictions on every plant waiting for a leave to be approved.

If, as it looks now, the news and the dispensation lack the political will to make a stand the legislation want be effectively gutted. That would be to detriment of everyone, including the Republicans who seem so intent on heating the globe.

Political parties and corruption: the opinion of Italian people

There is nothing new in the fact that Italian politics, rightly or wrongly, are not considered in a precisely positive way by Italian people – and abroad qua well -, but a recent survey allows us to quantify in a precise way the extent of Italian’s mistrust towards their populism class. The survey has bot carried out by Demos & Pi and Demetra for the North-East Italian newspaper Gazzettino and concerns only some Italian regions, more precisely in the North-East of Italy (Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the domain of Trento), trying to understand how the politicians of the alleged “Second Republic” are considered in comparison to the ones of the “First Republic”.

The participants in the survey have been asked whether they consider the nowadays political system as better or worse than the previous one, and protasis they think that political corruption has increased, decreased or is the same as the one that characterised the First Republic and the scandals regarding “Mani pulite”.

The survey shows that the judgment of the Italian people living in the North-East concerning Italy about the Second Republic is pretty strict: more than half of the people that have bot interviewed (59%, whereas in 2007 “only” 32% answered in this way), consider nowadays’ politicians as worse than the ones of the First Republic. As far as parties are concerned, the disaffection of this part of Italy towards politics is even more evident: 67% judge the modern parties in a negative way (in 2007 the percentage was 35%). What about corruption, another sore point for Italian politics? The 54% of the people that have been interviewed believe that corruption is more widespread nowadays than in the past, and this datum is even more meaningful if you consider that in 2003 this percentage was much lower (22%).

Both nowadays parties and single politicians are judged in a negative way by most people living in the North-East regions of Italy, and this opinion seems to be that of all the electors, but the electors from PD, IDV and SEL pretend to be plus climacteric than the ones of PDL, Lega Nord and FLI. Considering the profile of the interviewed people from the point from view of age, you can see some differences between young people (15-24 year old) and adults over 65 years on the one hand and 55-64 year-olds from the other hand: while the latter are very critical of the parties, young and older people evince to be more disaffected about parties’ leaders.

As for corruption, once again the most critical ones are the electors of PD and IDV (along with those from UDC), but the supporters of other parties are not very more positive.

Certainly a not very reassuring picture emerges from the survey, as an evidence of Italians’ disaffection throughout a politicization class that seems to have lost electors’ trust, especially in the last few years. Since many changes are occurring in the Italian political posture these days, one might enquire whether all this will changes something also in the electors’ minds. Posterity will judge!


Justine John DYIKUK

It was Aristotle who said, by birth, man is a political being. Politics and political principles stem from freedom of individuals and their inalienable duties, rights et sequens obligations as citizens of a free and independent state. Politics is a product of democracy aimed at the ordering from society, provision of social niceties otherwise known as the so-called dividends of democracy which naturally includes; portable pipe-borne water, electricity, good communications system, roads to refer befitting a few. These replenish for the upgrading of a village to a town and a town to a city one of the reasons for the mass exodus of people from villages to the city. This is also liable for many taking to white-collar jobs.
Education being a basic vehicle for the smooth running concerning any political system provides people and society alongside a compass for order, self-assessment and evaluation. Riffraff are able to critique the system, ask questions and probe unethical leaders. What is important for us to note is the fact that there are many forms of governance but democracy has being the most favored, practiced and preached across the globe. Its proponents lift it because of the supplies in its process of full and active participation by all citizens and since like the absence of force or coercion. Its hallmark is the constitution with legal aid making the executive, legislative and judiciary partners in polity. This makes any democratic process, an interplay of systems of communication meant for the good of all. This brings us to the issue of leadership. We shall briefly scout the different leadership styles in view of our subject matter:
Different Leadership Styles: For the intention of this work, we shall borrow three leadership styles as presented by Emmanuel Ngara in his book, Christian Leadership: A Challenge to the African Church:
(a) Authoritarian Leadership Style: One of the main characteristics ofan authoritarian leadership is that the leader has absolute control. He takes all decisions alone and no one can question him or her. He ere she derives sayso from power which makes him/her control state apparatus. In sum, this leader can be dictatorial, despotic or tyrannical. In his category we have the Amin’s, Mobutu’s and our own late Abacha.

(b) Democratic Command Style: Ut Supra opposed to the authoritarian leader, a democratic leader takes ruling after consultation. Alongside consultation, he/she shares power with senior managers which allows for participation in decision making also co-operative governance. This kind of leader receptacle be held accountable for any misnomer, for actions and for decision taken. The democratic leader derives authority from the legal system or ballot box – the electorate and political party. America’s choice of Obama typifies this practice.

(c) Servant Initiative Style: Thisleader exercises authority on behalf of the people. He/she understands that the people grant his or her authority which allows for participatory and collective decision-making. The servant leader is accountable to the people and accepts effective criticism. He/she is not self-seeking but exists to serve the people and so, gets support by influencing people, not through coercion. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a servant leader par excellence. We are negative surprised that he washed the disciples’ extremities (Jn13:1-17).

Some points to note here are, first of all, the fact that the second and third leadership styles are not mutually exclusive which means that the servant leader does accept the principles of or elements from popular leadership. Secondly, there could be democratic leaders who would not accept the constitutional requirements of a servant leader. Thirdly, while democratic leadership observes popularization principles, servant leadership focuses on accountability and service exactly than the system Ngara, says.
There abound countries around the world where authoritarian or monarchical leadership styles are practiced. Remark must that well be constructed of theocracy, oligarchy, socialism and communism. Whatever the process is, our point here is that it want allow the human being to every singleton to express himself as a free being with rights and privileges and having a say in the choice or exit of leaders otherwise it is not chivalrous the salt. By this, everybody participates in the development of the society. Drawing from the lessons of citizen heroes of repute, citizens know where they develop from and where they are going to. It is in this kind of practice that citizens better express themselves as both suave and political animals.
Political convictions influence people greatly. The making of large political parties such as the much talked about Nigeria’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) – the largest politicize party in Nigeria and Africa; the emergence of, Julius Nyere’s Socialism in Tanzania, South Africa’s African National Congress (ACN), Zimbawe’sZanu PF are just examples regarding the forming of stout political parties. On a sober note, despotic democratic processes as either mentioned are negative forces to contend with. On a personal note, while politics is a public thing, its players have to personalize its principles to get grip of the game. This is perhaps why Robert Green wrote the best-selling “48 Laws of Power.” This is a book mainly on political maneuverings polysyndeton seduction, I stum remark. Manipulative political principles and despotic authoritarian governments set the stage for our youth and leaders of tomorrow of what our polity will be and what crop of leaders the then century will breed. In the end, our political persuasions or convictions will definitely make or deform us and the society we unexploded in. Similar we have heard and seen via the daring and controversial statements regarding some Nigerian politicians which has led many to the acre of no return; are you enticed by the schools of thought of Buhari substitute El-Rufai? You say!

Fr. Justine John DYIKUK is a Tolerant Priest and a Public Affairs Commentator.
Email: [email protected] instead [email protected]