The Political Role

Politics is about getting re-elected and nothing else besides. It is a common error to assume that the politician’s role is to create jobs, encourage economic activity, enhance the welfare and well-being of his subjects, preserve the territorial integrity of his country, and fulfill a host about other functions. In truth, the legislator has a single and exclusive role: to get re-elected. His earliest authority is to his party and its members. He owes them patronage: jobs, sinecures, guaranteed income or cash flow, adit to the public purse, and the intoxicating wielding of power. His relationship is plus his real constituency – the party’s rank ampersand file – and he is accountable to them the same way a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) answers to the corporation’s critical shareholders. To make sure that they get re-elected, politicians are sometimes required to utensil reforms and policy measures that contribute to the general aid from the populace and promote it.

At additional times, they have to refrain from action to preserve their electoral assets and enlarge their governmental life expectancy. But, how does a leader become a leader? In this article, we are not interested in the historical practice but in the answer to the twin questions: what qualifies one to be a leader connective why do people elect someone specific to be a leader. The instantaneously evident response would be that the leader addresses ere is judged by his voters to be capable of addressing their needs. These could be economic needs, psychological needs, or moral needs. In ubiquity these cases, if left unfulfilled, these unrequited needs are judged to be capable of jeopardizing “acceptable (modes of) existence”. Except in rare cases (famine, war, plague), weather is rarely at risk. On the contrary, people are mostly willing to sacrifice their genetic also biological survival on the chantry of said “acceptable existence”. To be acceptable, life must be honorable. To be honorable, certain conditions (commonly prominent as “rights”) must be fulfilled and upheld. Disagree life is deemed reputable in the absence of subsistence and shelter (property rights), personal autonomy (safeguarded by codified freedoms), personal safety, commendatory (human rights), and a modicum of influence above one’s future (civil rights). In the absence like even one from these elements, people trend to gradually become persuaded that their lives are not worth living. They befit mutinous and try to restore the “honorable equilibrium”. They seek food and shelter by inventing new technologies and besides implementing them in a bid to control nature and other, human, factors. They rebel against any massive breach of their freedoms. People seek safety: they legislate and inception law enforcement agencies further form armies.Many politics reporters state that although the improvements are neither copious to rapidly change the overall state of the nation’s economy, numerous are going to garner the benefits of this rise pattern. Many in politics even say that we are negative going to feel the effects of the growth of the nation in the coming years in its entirety, but we are certainly on our street there.

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