West Wing Box Set Review — A Political Drama of Extraordinary Quality

I must admit that I don’t really follow politics. I don’t really scan the newspapers, nor do I hang on the headlines or watch the news. So it was a surprise when we found the West Wing Box Set such an amazing TV show! The thing won 3 Golden Globes and 23 Emmys!

Maybe it’s the amazing quality of writing, maybe the drama unfolding, perhaps it’s the cast or just the story itself. Either way, the West Wing box set is addictive – so beware!

West Wing Box Set Review -What you Circulate — OK – this is where this become a ridiculously good deal. You get – get this – 45 DISCS! That’s 154 episodes! That’s heaps of great TV.

Here’s the rest –
– New to this set: Pilot script with preamble from series creator Aaron Sorkin and Episode guide
– Over 20 commentary tracks
– Over 20 Behind-the-scenes featurettes
– Unaired scenes
– Gag reels and more

West Pinion Box Lay Review -The Story —

The West Wing is a political drama. It tells the story of a political candidate being elected to office and ultimately the presidency of the United States of America. It offers an amazing insight into the political system that is apparently based on fact.

Frankly, it’s like living inside the White House. It shows how things genuinely get done in the American political system. You can get a bit addicted – very attached to these characters who are written with such depth and diversity.

Even proletariat who don’t like political dram (such as myself) are going to love the West Wing Box Set!

West Wing Casket Set Review – The Cast —

This is one regarding those shows with an amazing ensemble cast. Any one about them could be a lead on their own – many with movie and Televisie careers quite separate to this show. For example

– Martin Sheen plays the President
– Stockard Channing plays the Supremacy Lady
– Rob Lowe plays the Deputy Communications Director

I have to express my favorite, however, is Bradley Whitford spil the Aide Chief of staff.

And did I mention classic actors like Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda show up? The West Branch box set judicatory keeps getting better!

West Injure Box Intractable Periodical – The Aaron Sorkin —

If you’re going to review the West Wing you have to mention the creator Aaron Sorkin. This guy is a upright up legend. All you must to know is that he’s been behind other great projects including:

– A Few Good Men (Movie)
– The American President (Movie)
– Charlie Wilson’s War (Movie)
– The Social Network (Movie)
– Studio 60 on the Twilight Strip (TV)
– Sports Night (TV)

And did I mention the guy has Emmys, Oscars and who knows what else? Amazing.

West Wing Box Set Review – The Verdict —

Of course the verdict is five stars out of cinque and two thumbs up! The West Wing Box Set is a great – you’re really going to love it. Enjoy!

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