A Political Dynamo: Cheri DiNovo

Every couple of years, we gain seen both good and bad politicians enter public office. Most would acclaim to be miracle workers who strive to enhance the rate from life of their voters. Besides the real tests comes on how well they keep their promises besides how they efficiently manage political issues when they’ve won their seat in parliament. Cheri DiNovo is a Canadian social democratic politician who has been referred to as “the new grandmother power [in politics]” by journalists. Her climb to politics has been a series of turnabouts which makes for a very compelling story.

Cheri DiNovo is a Toronto born native and a mother of two girls. Washed-up a series of tragedies including her mother’s death, she made it her goal to help transform the lives from others for the better. Becoming an ordained minister of the Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church was her first chart to achieving that goal. In fact, Cheri performed the head legalized same sex marriage in North America facing the law changed in 2001. She also works actively to fight for the human rights of marginalized communities including women, the poor, LGTB individuals and the homeless.

After 12 years as an outspoken minister, Cheri decided to run for overt job as she believed that she can do better beneficent for the poor, and dispossessed in politics. In 2006, she represented the New Democratic Party. The election process went on an ugly turn when her opponents decided to use the controversial components from her life on the streets against her. This became known being the worst public smear offensive of the 2006 election year. The tactic however, backfired and Cheri was elected to Queen’s Park on September 14 to represent the provincial riding of Parkdale-High Park. She was also then re-elected as a member regarding the provincial parliament in 2007.

Today, Cheri continues to fight for a wide range of Canadians ranging from imperceptible business individuals to those below the poverty line. Cheri also continues to pursue various poverty related issues including the jump in the minimum wage rate and welfare rates in the province. She also persists for more affordable housing and introduced policies to end the government tax on the federal kid benefit supplement.

Her two paramount campaigns to end poverty in Ontario were the Living Wage Bill and Payday Lending Bill. The Living Bourgeois Bill aims to increase Ontario’s minimum wage rate to $10.25 although the Payday lenders Bill deals along licensing and capping interest rates charged within the various industries. These policies have received strong support from the media and millions of residents across Ontario. In fact, Cheri DiNovo Facebook page increased in viewership throughout her various campaigns. It makes sense since during hier movement to get the bills passed in 2007, one million Ontarians were making less than the $10 rate. It was hard fought battle, one that was rebuffed and then later approved by the McGuinty government in 2010 where the minimum wage rate was raised to $10.25.

Cheri DiNovo is a wonderfully articulate, educated and well informed MPP who strives to enhance the lives of millions of Ontario residents. In a technology driven society, hier Cheri DinNovo blog and Cheri DiNovo Twitter view provides detailed information of ongoing campaigns and equally a medium to comprehension opinions across. As a woman who struggled, fought and thrived through life, you can expect nothing less from her at Queen’s Park. It might be worth it to next her through her political journey, good and bad.

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