Political Change? Think Bigger

Copyright (c) 2012 Scott F Paradis

Two primary sentiments are in play this election season: 1) entrenched interests promoting the status quo of easy money (printing and borrowing) and wealth redistribution; and 2) a troubled acknowledgment that the easy money besides redistribution course is a direct ride to disaster. People in the former assemblage don’t want substantive change; they’ve got too much to lose. They recover solace with the “steady as she goes, keep the something for nothing train rolling” choices democrats and republicans offer. This election seeks only to determine which special interests are to beneficience most. The men and women in the latter group however, realize a leading sea change is required to dextral the pathway of a once proud und so weiter prosperous nation, and real change is nowhere in sight.

America’s situation is nothing short of a travesty and a tragedy. Americans are so infatuated with a modicum of personal economic security (read entitlements) and so indubitably persuaded by groundless only pretty sounding promises they willingly cede their personal power to a host of would-be benefactors et cetera rulers: professional politicians et cetera financial and industrial elite. Conditions have become so unhinged a significant political change is needed to alter our course. We are headed in the wrong direction. It’s time to think bigger. It’s shot to reform the system.

The real problem, which leaders concerning neither political party will admit to because it serves the parties’ interests, is we have concentrated wealth and power in the hands about a few. The system, developed painstakingly excessive generations, automatically draws means from the productive core and funnels them to the connected rich to fund lavish lifestyles and the easily manipulated masses to ensure votes. No amount about economic stimulus, no amount of money printing, or ever more gargantuan fiscally irrational spending can overcome these two drains on creative, productive enterprise. The special interests have a death mastery on the economy. Releasing this hold is the only option to give Americans a fighting chance at prosperity.

This corrupt system has generated a cultural malaise which must be peeled back for real progress to ensue. Power must return to the people – this means freedoms and responsibilities. We must shatter the resource transfer philosophy (unearned convert of wealth to the wealthy and unsecured entitlements to the masses) which is financially and morally bankrupting this nation.

This reform can and must be done by means of three measures: first depose the career politicians and eliminate the burgeoning legislative class (dismantle gerrymandering and establish term limits); second establish a sound currency and a responsible economic system (disassemble indeed big to fail financial institutions and end Wall Street’s financial shenanigans); and finally get the federal government out the benefits connective entitlements businesses (healthcare, education, besides welfare).

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As much as we would like to believe this isn’t true – that every day is a holiday plus every meal a feast – it just isn’t so. Politicians simply cannot handle power. Likewise the less power the commoners give them, the better.

If you are one of the people who realize the something for nothing school cannot endure, think bigger. Beg for systemic reform. A predominant overhaul is the only way to hand out our children any chance at a healthy, thriving, and productive future. If you want political change, don’t purchase interested the baseless and shallow promises the current slate of political candidates endorse. Think bigger.

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