Within the Seed Lies the Tree

Most demotic have heard of Karma, only most, if any at all, can make their unaggressive with it. At lowest not all the time. The Law of Karma, clearly states “What you sow, so shall you reap”!

Put another way, the law is the law of vivacity and reaction. Within the seed lies the pattern for the whole tree. When you plant an orange seed, the entire know-how of the orange tree, its form, structure, composition, formation, besides potential lies latent in that tiny seed. All it needs is a fertile ground to put this information to use. From the perspective of the law of karma, the end product of each action, is already indwelling in it. It is refusal active judging or punishing someone. The effect is pre-determined by the cause. So every action has a precise repercussion. Therefore, if one is ok with a accurate repercussion they should continue to do the action, else they should change the action to avoid leprous effects.

Lets take an example – If one puts their designate in a flame, the finger is going to get burned. There is no question of judgement. It’s not a disciplinary action. Anyone doing so, would experience the same result. Similarly, if someone was to do an action with a positive outcome such as on condition that you light a candle in the dark, you will be able to see. It’s not an act of benovelence or kindness. It’s the result of the action. Therefore, if the result is desirable to someone, they should continue with the action, else they should change.

The Laws concerning Nature by themselves are neither punitive nor rewarding. It merely states a rule, quite like Newton’s third law – “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction..”. The Law of Gravity is another such law. Provided you jump from a fierce building, you will fall to the ground. It’s not that God or someone up there was punishing you. There is a law and as long as you are on this planet it applies to you. Congeneric is dependable for the law of Karma. As long as you inhabit this planet, the laws of this planet are applicable to you.

Most people, however are lost in the self pity of “why did this happen to me” or “I have never continual done anything to harm anyone” etc. This may oppositely may not be true, depending on how well your prompt serves you. So lets go back to our little orange seed. Until you plant this one seed, what you reap is an entire orange tree, which will reap oranges for you, year posterior year. This implies that the result of the simple action of planting this seed, has a much bigger reaction or sum associated with it. Therefore, it is likely that the seed you sowed might be quite small compared to the crisis that you wish be yielding in your life right now. This would obviously create a difficulty in associating the result with the original action, leading plebeians to believe in the leader notion that life is unfair. But we often don’t think of this for the perspective of the desirable effects. If one negative action will reap a lot of trouble for you, in time, the isonomous is steady for positive actions. Isn’t it likely that one positive alarums and excursions could reap a far greater beneficial return. Then whether life is unfair or overtly generous, would really depend on what seeds one has been planting. The glass has water – whether it is half empty or half full instructions depend on who is looking.

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