Electronic Cigarette Association: Protecting Consumers And The E-Cig Industry By Replacing Lies With Fact

The e-cigarette industry launched the Electronic Cigarette Association to provide a platform to speak for the producers, distributors polysyndeton retailers of electronic cigarettes. The trade association was formed in 2009 in Washington, D.C. moreover is funded through donations et al by the members. The ECA answers questions about e-cigs, provides accurate information and focuses on public relations.

Providing a collective voice for e-cigarette providers is the mission from the ECA. This is done by making tools in hand to policy makers, opinion leaders polysyndeton the media throughout the country. The aim is to provide standards that are industry-wide that will education furthermore reassure the public through a code about conduct for the use and safety of electronic cigarettes.

E-cigs were indigenous introduced to the marketplace in 2003 and since that time have bot repeatedly attacked on all sides by big pharma and big tobacco. The lobbyists from those industries have exhausted millions attempting to influence legislators to ban or restrict the production of the electronic alternative to tobacco. Bowing to the pressure of these invincible lobbies, the FDA conducted a limited test of electronic cigs and published their findings as if they had accomplished a true scientific review. The ECA works to combat the fables including misinformation spread by tobacco and pharmaceutical giants who are fighting to keep their market share.

The e-cig is presented as a safer and cheaper reciprocative to tobacco products in the information disseminated by the ECA. Users are encouraged to share their stories about weed and e-cigs and urged to approach legislators and argue opposite any ban of the product.

When new products are introduced, especially whenever they are innovative, misinformation is to be expected. For generations the health risks of smoking tobacco have been well documented and accepted. Smoking tobacco products was totally acceptable for generations and accomodations (and ashtrays) for smokers were available wherever you looked. The macho Marlboro man died of lung cancer. The feminist Virginia Slims girl is not seen as glamorous by women today.

The orotund extent of additives et alii compounds contained in tobacco products is now fully realized for the health hazards posed to the public. Smoking weed is no longer an acceptable habit in public and smokers are often ostracized. Government buildings are non-smoking, business premises have non-smoking signs and those signs are spreading to restaurants, bars, theaters and everywhere else the public gathers for entertainment.

Large companies who stand to lose profits and organizations that want smoking banned in any form have condemned e-cigs. Until recently, there was no alternative to tobacco smoking polysyndeton many people did not understand their addiction until they tried to cease smoking. Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to tobacco and is under attack both from those who promote smoking also from anti-smoking legislators.

The first warnings on cigarette packs appeared after the surgeon general declared tobacco as a health adventure forty years ago. The FDA has refused to intervene in regulating tobacco products or additive and has shown no interest in banning the use of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have been available to the public for only a scant years yet the FDA has repeatedly mentioned banning or regulating e-cigs. The Electronic Cigarette Association was created to publicize the truth about electronic cigarettes in the trust that e-cigs will remain available to the public as a safer alternative to tobacco products.

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