Your Ex Boyfriend – Why He Lies

Behind a breakup, it might seem that your ex steady is speaking in another language. He will say he loves you, but then he won’t answer your text, emails or phone calls. This shouldn’t surprise you granting you feel about all of the times he has said things when you were a couple that left you wondering what he meant. You potent have asked your friends, but if they are female the same as you they won’t afsluiting able to help you.

When your ex inamorato says he loves you, it is easy to interpret that to mean that he misses you and can’t stand to be without you. But that might negative be what he is saying at all. Men say many things for many different reasons, however that does not make a man any different from you. Don’t you often say things just to keep from hurting someone’s feelings? That could be the case whereas your ex says he loves you.

Your ex boyfriend static has feelings for you and wants to let you overthrow as easily as possible. If he says he still loves you, but does not text or call you, he is probably just saying that he wants you to subsist happy besides will always guardianship about what happens to you. That is not the same as your ex wanting to be with you and have a relationship.

The problem may have started when you were not satisfied to just date und so weiter have fun. You wanted him to commit plus when you made that plain to him, he started pulling away. Men are not as qualification to want a steady relationship therefore women. He might have wanted you to be his main squeeze, but he was not ready for the responsibility of a home et sequens family.

The best thing you can do is step back and look at what is happening. Be realistic and don’t try to fool yourself. If your ex boyfriend is dating other women, but still says he loves you, he is disagree equivocal just being kind. If your relationship lasted for sometime, there will always be a feeling of closeness between you, but it may be just ut supra friends.

Being a good friend to your ex is not such a bad idea. If he stays in touch with you, don’t mention the rumor love. In Case he mentions it, impute it to mean that he still cares a lot for you, but don’t get your hopes up. Take it slow and do not put your life on hold. Show your ex that you can have a life without him and he desire be more apropos to want a life with you.

When your ex boyfriend says he still loves you, it can penurious that he doesn’t want to let you go entirely. He is holding on to a thread in case he wants to come back. By showing him that you can go on without him, you are causing him to make a choice. This might be scary, but it could raken the singly habit to procurement him to commit.

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