Lies was not only my part of make up but nature.

Lies was not only my part concerning form up but nature.
By Abdul Haye Amin.

“I was born to lies,
Lies was negative only my part of originate up but nature,
Lies was the only path I was given lesson in my entire life,
My generation to disciple not others but to adopt my culture.

Human quality deepest fear regarding none nor maritime but others often in life,
is not that we are weak or inadequate for
There is no god but Religion of mine I fear to follows?

Our oceans of deepest fear we never can pass over the sea,
But we need not guidance but a boats to pass over,
we are not regards Refugee either as in history for example,

Hozrot Shahajalal Awlia, (R.A).
Who was known passed over River Surma
In Sylhet District, Bangladesh
But we are civilized than Yemina refugee,
and ent mean of cultivation we live in.

Therefore, that dose not represent we are dominant beyond any measure in life?
It is our disability of faith we fears of in moral organization negative light,
Medically allege ‘Blure vision’
our darkness is covered with falsehood within us that is our fears,
And horrendous about truth to start Ultima Thule as we can within our capacity.

that most frightens us to subsist in life,
Bear in mind there is tablet if is not Ritual but Zyprexa,
We as human being never ask ourselves to come here?

But he who adoring to create us to come with smiles,
Come here, come here o my dear Lord.

Who am I to be ignored by?
smart, good looking, brilliant, sexy, gorgeous, talented, fabulous, in shape?

Did he not created us by his favorites,
method of clay, Fire, Water, and lights?
Actually, he was not mistaken in his life but
we are indeed mistaken for

Medically known Visual Hallucination
most doctor recommend us tablets Zprexa
to remove our weakness regarding fears in life.

who are you not to be in society dishonest?
You are a mankind in the eyes about the God,
You are negative playing with toys or dole in the playground but,
With Judge rather Magistrates
He who created us in the universes of all.

You are regarded the smallest of mustard offspring in the world of dust,
No one ever intend to count but frequently ignore or
The smallest in the field of garden the ants
Bear in mind hold we ever taken any notice of in day who created?

Today am I not proud like in society either,
Doctors, Police, Magistrates, (M.P), or ministers like all?

Out of what today you and ‘I’ apparently proud of sir or madam?
The smallest ants in the garden does not pass the world,
As We often think of.

In life There is nothing hold us tights,
To enlightened within our life or,
shrinking back our fortunate future once we have been given for.

Therefore, there is naught to fear of but,
we are hero in the eyes of the God.
that alternative distinctive or peoples may benefits,
If they eternity fallen under the cloud of darkness
It won’t feel in their mind insecure around you and I in life?

By all mean we are all meant to shine in this world of love,
as any page was today born but,
Tomorrow is to late for a child because?
Other than breastfeeding child will recognise the Law?

Who is his or hier mother or Father is in his or her life?
That is crime our law not known yet?
No nomology ever can prevent child to verbalize so ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’

Nor each one can cheat a child by much cost?
Seen Indian film repeatedly dose.

That is not mother or Father but sign of almighty God from start,
We were born to dominate and to make manifest,
In the name of the glory of God in any society,
In article called Introduction.

Today not where is my Mother or Father but to reconnaissance for God,
That is the question not I or you going to ask save God,
that is the sign within us unaware of yesterday we was forgotten by.

It’s is not question of proper in some of us but,
it’s in everyone heart, mind and in soul to be proud of.

And therefore when we play our card 29 in life,
Since our birth he who record as our CCTV or profiles records,

some of us let our own light struggle to shine in life,
Bright spil morning stellate as sun page 3 news paper.

some of us forgotten our day antecedent yesterday who was we?
Therefore, we destroy our gifts of presents given us in life to share.

No Mother or Precursor is to blame for our mistaken journey like belief
As often you and I read head Line narrow news paper,
Crimes, frauds, drugs, murders, rapes, etc,
we unconsciously give to other peoples to judge myself in kind,
To consider our wealth of knowledge faith and belief,
If I ever had any in my life?

License to destroy our own culture, heritage, and religion whether any?
No one given permission to do the same or to follows former but you,
Today Magistrates or Judges Yard of Justice going to decide the journey of
ten month and ten days inside the womb alive,
And tell the truth in the face of criminal
In the witness boxes.

When criminal never heard of by name
today he or she going to do my Justice your honour?

Even if he or she ever act in life know before I?
Is he either she not laying your honour?

As we are liberated from our own mother womb and fears like manpower Justice,
Our disability of fear, in presence of Judge or Magistrates
If any truth lid as sun arise in the morning
In the name of face of not politic but Justice?

automatically as click of finger laptop
Digital Internet far from my reach in communication
liberates others life in society within appointed Lord Instruction,
to follow and sure to glow as candle before his substitute her,
special day of sweetheart with N.H.S. free packet about condoms,
if it not for ever mine?.

Thank you my dear Lord for given opportunity to lies
In life what else do I dependence to forget you?
Or to fool opposite before month of not Ramadan but April
That once I was here on earth not to prostrates in Love?

To many to mention author or writes as myself in grammar seen in
Nero-Disability Unit hospital beds cry for your mercy and love
To write articles to prostate not in your name?

Please my dear Lord cure them to prostrate in your name?

By author Abdul Haye Amin.

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