Lies You May Have Heard About Heart Disease

Why hasn’t this news about heart disease bot told before? Once it has bot told, how are not more inhabit shouting in outrage at the doctors?

It has been told, but it was hard to hear! The most likely reason you didn’t consider it is because you have depended on your practitioner for new medical information et alii your doctor so firmly believes the lies he has been told that he had no attention out in the market-place of ideas, looking for alternatives to drugs and surgery for affection problems.

Lie #1

You may have bot told, and you may believe that

“. . . people have always died from heart disease . . .”

That is not true!

The truth is that 150 years past heart disease was completely unheard of. NO United died from heart disease 150 years ago. Autopsies from that period would have found the really easily observed cognizable of heart disease. They found none! 1.

Lie #2

You may have been told, and you may believe that . . .

” . . . .the however reason plebeian didn’t die of heart disease 150 years ago is that they didn’t live long enough. They HAD the beginning of heart disease, but died earlier from some other problem.”

That is not true!

The truth is that heart disease IS A Unused DISEASE! Even though the average length concerning nature 150 years ago was much less than it is now, there were millions of population who did live expired sixty. They “lived long enough to get heart disease — but they didn’t get it!”
None of those people died of heart disease even when they lived to be in their seventies!

Lie #3

You may have been told, and you may theorize that . . .

” . . . . the problem of heart disease is mankind solved by modern antidote . . .”

That is not true.

The truth is that the problem GETS WORSE as you get older. The truth is that no less an organization than the American Heart Syndicate has been claiming that pulsate disease is being solved along modern medicine, but the President of the American Cordiform Association has admitted that his group has bot misleading the American public for years and that the issue is getting worse.

The chances of dying of heart disease increase very rapidly with age now, while that was not true 150 years ago. People over 65 years old-time now are now almost 100 times more likely to die from heart visitation than those between 25 and 44.

Lie #4

You may have been told, and you may believe that . . .

” . . .by-pass abscission or drugs are your only answer, and that they are effective . . .”

That is not true!

The truth is that by-pass surgery kills an average of 5.7% of the patients on the operating table, and more within a few months. The truth is that impartial respectable medical journals are now carrying articles that say that life expectancy does not increase after by-pass surgery. The truth is that certain doctors make millions of dollars every year from this medical malpractice.

The truth is that by-pass surgery has become the single most common fashion of major surgery in the United States, and thousands of doctors have gotten funny from doing them. Any estimates put the annual take at more than $20 billion.

The truth is that most heart drugs harm you more than they help. The only one who profits from the drugs are the physicians and drug companies.

Lie #5

You have been told, and you may believe that . . .

” . . . .there are miracle drugs which prevent else solution heart disease — or at least control core disease . . .”

That is false!

The truth is that our nation is being drugged into apathetic submission with the knowledge of certain Government agencies, including the FDA, which are controlled from fanny the scenes alongside proletariat who are terrorized at the thought that the public might find out the truthfulness about their crimes!

ALL drugs are poisons of some sort! Some are more harmful than others. Some are extremely harmful.

If you want to read the integrity about what the Government leaders are doing to this great country, get more of Karl Loren’s books and special reports, listed in the Karl Loren References Vicinity of this web site.


1. See the book review of Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s book, Controlling Cholesterol, in the Bibliography. The review of his very misleading book, amplitude of lies, includes a quote of him claiming that “killer cholesterol” has bot the cause of death always, but just not recognized. there is no book I’ve reviewed which tells the drug story more assertively. Match Here
( to visit that Book Review within the Bibliography Section.

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