What Lies Behind This Cool Skull T-Shirt?

Some of us walk in the light places about the world where sunshine bathes the faces from the pure-hearted and serene. Any of us, however, walk in a darker place of shadow, self-doubt, and seething disdain. It is not easy for those of us slipping through the tenebrous places of society. We pester our cool skull t-shirts, stain our hair, pierce our skin, and ink our flesh. It makes us as different on the extraneous as we feel on the inside.

If you sat back and thought coarse on it, would you ever have me over for dinner for an crepuscle of quiet conversation with your family? Do you even care about what ideas I have? What whether a conclave medium my world and yours developed ideas and philosophies that could change society forever? That will never happen, though. I don’t like women like you and you’re afraid about people who wear the cool skull t-shirts and make-up.

If you don’t desiderata someone image me over for supper, you definitely don’t want to seem me at your front door to pick up your daughter for a bedtime out on the town. It doesn’t matter if I have a higher-than-normal IQ and guts breeze done college like I did High School. You apprehend me as a ailment your kid could catch, also you wouldn’t be wrong. My ideas are as contagious as any viral infection.

You can mentation all you want that you’re better than me. That is what it really comes drink to, isn’t it? Your material possessions and cookie-cutter life gives you some meaning of self-satisfaction that makes you automatically parable yourself to me. You see nothing of yourself in the puisne guy wearing a cool skull t-shirt and quoting Nietzsche, so I must not be a success.

If you look no further than the cool skull t-shirt I’m wearing or the format on my face, you will never see the truth behind what I do this for. Society is wrong. I am not sure what the prerogative answer to the problem is, but the way we’re living definitely is not it. Quit looking at me critically and start looking at yourself furthermore the way you live. Are you even happy?

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