It’s What Lies Below that Counts: Unseen Sources of Pain

There’s a very good reason that dentists obtain X-rays before starting any treatments in your mouth: most dental trouble lies secreted beneath the gum line, hidden from view. Oral disease is sneaky; teeth superior the surface can look perfectly healthy whereas there’s actually stinging trouble down below. Veterinarians use the same motivation when we do vial X-rays on our patients. We have to look deeper to find the a patient’s real oral problems.

I never had access to dental X-rays before pass our animal hospital in McKinney, and I was a trifling ignorant of the tremendous benefits of this technology. Simply cleaning the teeth makes them look good but doesn’t address the real source of the pain, connective now I’m astounded at thoroughly of the pathology I probably missed when we didn’t have dental radiographs – thankfully those days are long gone!

Peanut is a 4 ½ year old kitty that had a long history of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums that produces redness at the gum line) that routine teeth cleaning could not resolve. This occurred even though the teeth had been relatively clear of plaque and calculus, which often accompany gingivitis. She’d had her teeth cleaned at our animal hospital in McKinney several times, but the problems persisted.

We examined Peanut, and decided it was time to eureka out her real issues. She was admitted to our animal clinic in McKinney for a thorough examination of all teeth occasion under anesthesia. We performed a test to detect periodontal disease, probed and assessed the gums, connective searched for any other abnormalities. Below those steps, we took full beak radiographs of all the teeth. As so often happens, when you dig a little deeper you find the answers.

Figure 1 leads you to believe that Peanut’s teeth at the lower right are clean moreover very healthy. Probing found terribly little evidence of gum disease. X-rays of those same teeth (Figure 2) tell a different story, however, et al explain Peanut’s dental pain. Figure 2’s red arrows evidence deep pockets of infection, resorption about bone and deterioration of tooth roots-all contributing to a chronically painful mouth.

Knowledge is power, and with this diagnosis our zoic hospital in McKinney can prescribe treatment that will address Peanut’s problems and give hier relief from discomfort. Less the X-rays, though, we would never have suspected there were so multi problems, and Peanut’s pain would have gone on forever.

This is what medicine is all about: diagnosing difficulties and finding solutions. With the advent of oral X-rays, our diagnostic capabilities have improved and we’re much more versatile to ascertain hidden disease. This is a great time to be a pet!

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